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About this app

Looking for a fun and exciting way to win real money? SpotBall is a fantasy sport involving spotting the ball in the picture shown where a cricketer is attempting a cricket shot. Here you can compete for cash prizes up to 1 lakh every day!

Ratings and Reviews

Profile Pic Vasiuddin Khan

I find Spotball is the best gaming app currently, you can earn a lot of money by just applying your common sense. I recommend everyone to get experience what I have experienced in the last 6months, it's just magic.

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Profile Pic Ravindra

Very excellent well developed nice work & trusted app & good earning I would suggest u play on this app.

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Profile Pic Govind Shahni

I feel super confident while using this app I would suggest you try the app.

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Profile Pic Ajit Kumar Ojha

This is hands down the best SpotBall app out there! The gameplay is smooth and the cash prizes are a great incentive to keep playing. Highly recommend.

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